Recruitment of R&D Manager of a Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

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Job responsibilities:            1. Lead and manage the equipment, personnel and technology related work of the whole experimental platform;            2. Formulate relevant technical operation, quality control, reporting and other norms and supervise the implementation;            3. Daily maintenance and renewal of equipment, etc.            4. Coordinating the internal resources and personnel allocation and training of the laboratory;            5. Learn to track the latest research hotspots and summarize methodologies;            6. Design and improve the development plan of different projects, control the cost of time, personnel and reagents, improve input-output ratio, improve production efficiency and improve product quality;            7. Report to superiors on project design, communicate with superiors and report on project progress;            8. Responsible for tackling key technical projects, patent declaration and assisting in solving related technical problems in production            Requirements:            1. Major in medicine, biology and other related disciplines, master's degree or above;            2. More than 3 years'experience in Biotechnology Management positions;            3. Strong ability of R&D project management, process optimization, overall organization, communication and coordination, good ability to analyze and solve problems;            4. Document reading ability; CET-4 or IELTS, TOEFL, GRE are preferred.            5. Has good computer operation skills, can skillfully use Word, Excel, PPT and other office software.            6. Master relevant legal knowledge, be familiar with product R&D process, be proficient in product R&D management knowledge, etc.